Licensed Roadworthy Mechanics in Hillcrest

Neil’s Automotive has a team of mechanics located in Hillcrest with over 35 years of experience. We are a full-service mechanical workshop including roadworthy and pre-purchase inspections and our team are reliable and trustworthy – we will never try to tell you that you need something fixed that doesn’t need fixing. Our roadworthy certification process is quick and simple – just bring your vehicle in and we’ll inspect it. If it passes then we’ll provide you with the relevant ticket and fill in the paper work.

For more information regarding our roadworthy certificate service, contact us today on 3806 7260.

Roadworthy or Safety Certificates:

Get a comprehensive roadworthy inspection from Neil’s Automotive, your licensed roadworthy service shop in Hillcrest. If we find anything that will prevent you from getting a legal certificate, then we will provide you with a quote and fix it straight away if requested. If the repairs are made within two weeks then we will re-inspect the vehicle for no additional charge.

Our roadworthy services start at $84.70 and include:

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