Pre-purchase Inspections from the Professionals at Neil’s Automotive

A good deal isn’t always a great deal. It pays to know what you’re getting into before handing over your hard earnt money. Neil’s Automotive pre-purchase inspections start with a road test and end with a detailed invoice of needed repairs and their costs to give you the advantage in your car sale negotiation. We take the time to find out what you expect from the car, what you plan to use it for and the price you’re willing to pay for it. We then perform a comprehensive inspection from front to back to help you determine if the car is worth buying for your individual budget and lifestyle.

Even if the car that you are considering purchasing has a valid roadworthy or safety certificate, we strongly recommend getting a pre-purchase inspection as well. A roadworthy certificate, while required to legally sell a vehicle in Australia, certifies that the car is currently roadworthy and safe. It does not take into account any historical damage or problems that might affect its roadworthiness and reliability in the future.

For more information regarding our pre-purchase inspection service or to book a suitable time for an inspection, please give the team at Neil’s Automotive a call today on 3806 7260.

Our prepurchase service starts at $120 and includes:

Avoid making a costly mistake. Have your car checked out at Neil’s Automotive and get all the information you need to ensure your car purchase is a wise one.

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